Web Design

Web Design

10yrsCJT Digital Design celebrates a decade in 2015 serving web clients in Cincinnati and beyond. Our clients have ranged from local coffee shops to international companies and everything in between. We will create a unique and highly successful web site for your business, custom-built to ensure it reflects your business’s brand, style, and needs. We also work with you every step of the way to make sure your site looks, feels, and woks, exactly like you want it to.

We always begin with a one-on-one conversation. You tell us your hopes, dreams and requirements, conversion goals and functional needs, and we continue to tailor the design to meet your vision. Then we do the “finish work”, making sure your web site is search engine friendly, Google-compatible, and true to your existing corporate branding.

This is all capped off by our customer-service guarantee. Once your site is launched, it’s not “goodbye”. We continue to work with you to provide customer support. This is a relationship. It starts with a phone call. 513.349.9756

10 Reasons You Should Choose CJT Digital

  • We're Ahead of the Curve. The web is no longer about eye candy. It's about functionality, responsiveness, and access to information. You need someone who understands Web 2.0, 3.0 and beyond. A developer, not just a designer.
  • Amazing Design. Your site requires a high level of quality and professionalism that you offer your customers and clients. We will make it so.
  • We're local. You are never more than a phone call and twenty minutes away from a face to face meeting with the president of CJT Digital Design.
  • We're small. Since we're not a large firm, we're never too busy to return your phone call or e-mail. Accordingly, you will always know the status of your project.
  • Your site works for everyone. Not all devices are alike. If you have an old, iPhone 4 or a brand new 2600px resolution monitor, the site will respond to the size and layout of your screen.
  • Content Management. We'll equip you with a customized WordPress back end so that you can easily update content from any computer, any time.
  • Branding. We offer logo design and other branding services to add the polish you need.
  • Security. We employ a number of tools to keep your website, and your information, safe. We harden WordPress, we add live scanning tools and SSL certificates where needed.
  • Graphics. We offer expert graphic design to enhance your site.
  • Service. It's that important. Call us at 513-349-9756.