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Freelancing Gone Wild

The good old days of Web Design are over. When I started building websites in 2004, I literally had an ad in the Yellow Pages. I focused my search on the Greater Cincinnati area, attended Chamber networking brunches, and relied on word of mouth to spread the word about my services. If I got a…
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Learn to Earn Dayton

Learn to Earn Dayton is quite literally a labor of love. This website was built from the client's design, pixel-for-pixel and contains multiple customizations to the functionality to make each page customizable by the client. They can choose specific colors for header tags, overlays and more just by choosing from a color-picker embedded in each…
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Euclid Levy

The client needed two things: A 1-week turnaround A site designed to their exact photoshop/PDF layout design. We were able to take their design and convert it to a perfectly functional, lightweight and responsive site in about 1 week's time. ¬†All specialized fonts, coloirs, banners and contact forms were created in keeping with the client's…
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Lakota School District

Lakota Local Schools¬†was looking for a fairly quick turn-around of up to 45 email templates constructed for each of the schools within their district. They needed to be built using SchoolMessenger, the onboard system of email delivery unique to many school systems around the country. CJT Digital answered the call and delivered on time, high-quality…
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