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Wyoming Pastry Shop

We are very pleased to announce the launch of Wyoming Pastry Shop's new site at This Wyoming, OH confectionery is known for their amaing cakes in addition to their everyday delicious pastries so they needed a way to easily display their creations. We set them up with a simple, easy to use gallery-based website…
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Carolina CrossFit

Carolina CrossFit is a top-notch CrossFit facility in Columbia South Carolina offering multiple types of fitness programs from CrossFit to weightlifting to nutrition counseling. What was most important to CCF was ease of use on the front end - so that clients and potential customers could easily find their target content, as well as a…
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Cincinnatus Savings & Loan 2014

Another labor of love. Cincinnatus offers a variety of savings accounts, checking accounts, certificates of deposit and IRA accounts. A great local bank offering lending products include mortgage loans, car loans, home equity loans, and commercial real estate loans. We provided them with a beautiful new design, laid over an Wordpress with all of which…
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Coolant Control

Constructed in concert with EWeb Designz in Cincinnati, Coolant Control is a brand new highly specialized web site that contains multiple and unique page layouts depending on the purpose of that page. Product pages contain special layouts as well as tabbed technical data, product images and more. This is a "deep coding" project where CJT…
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