Our Process

The Discovery Phase

shutterstock_280860320It starts with a conversation. (Usually over coffee at a nearby Starbucks). I would like to get to know you and have you get to know more. The goal is to find out what you are looking for, what your hopes are for your new site, your budget, your timeline, and how we can help to make your project a reality. I'd like to know what websites you have seen that you particularly like, whether you have specific branding colors, a logo, and so on. All of this information will help me to prepare a proposal for you.

The Proposal Phase.

shutterstock_339167195This is where I will create a specific proposal with several different pricing options for you in order to get you a perfect fit with what you are looking to achieve, along with making sure your budget and timeline are honored. If you have questions about the proposal we can meet to further clarify what you may wish to discuss.  Once you accept the proposal we'll move on to the standard contract phase, after which the build begins. If you're entertaining multiple proposals, I will match or beat them given the chance to review their scope. My goal is to get you the best deal, the best service, and the best website.

The Building Phase

shutterstock_181652861This phase is where the first 30 days or so I will begin building your new design in a development space where you can monitor the progress. I will present design concepts to you for review and approval, and then the build is underway. We'll communicate several times during that process to make sure you are happy with what you see.  After the first 30 days when the site begins to take shape, I'll ask you for content - your page content, bios, about us information and anything on the site you wish to have in place that I can't simply migrate over from your existing website.  Note - getting the content from you is the single most important phase of the project for getting to completion. This is where the process often hangs up. Don't get too upset when I begin to bug you. :)

The Testing Phase

shutterstock_283708043Once we get through the building phase and have all content, we'll enter into the testing phase. This means looking at the site on all mobile devices, testing forms, product checkout if any, spell checking, testing to make sure data is being sent to Google Analytics, you name it. We give everything a thorough run-through to make sure it's pixel perfect. Once that is complete, it's time for launch. We will only launch the site once you are completely satisfied with everything.  When we launch, we'll move the site from the development servers to your hosting server and voila, you're new site is live!

The Follow Up Phase

There are many aspects to this phase of the project. Once you're new site is launched, our relationship is far from over. Aside from providing ongoing support in the event of some technical issue or questions related to the operation of your site, there are many options for continuing involvement, from maintenance agreements, retainer agreements, or simply having me accessible via phone and text 24/7. You'll see me as an ongoing presence in your website to make sure it continues to thrive and drive traffic and sales to your business!

Call me at 513-349-9756 or email me at Pat@cjtdigital.com to set up a consultation!